10 Supercool Views of Cinderella Castle


Every time I turned the corner on Main Street to see Cinderella’s Castle, I get a little jolt of excited.  Suddenly I am 2 years old, looking upon the royal abode, from the safety of my umbrella stroller. After the dozens of visits to the park, I still love that view.  But, there are a few others that are worth experiencing.

From above Main Street

The train around the park is one of my favorite Disney slow jams.  In the heat, it is a relaxing way to feel like you are doing something while not really doing much.  On your way to the train, turn around and look down Main Street.  The castle is visible, small on the horizon, suspending above the fray.  Even better, bring up your confectionaries from the Main Street shop (caramel apples are snack credits!). Get in your nosh and then get on the train.

Near the Plaza Restaurant

There are a number of bridges off main street, including the path past the Plaza restaurant on the way to Adventureland.  This path always seems sort of empty.  Make sure to check out the reflection of the castle before high tailing it to the Jungle Cruise. Be warned. You are not supposed to feed the ducks.  The ducks will attempt to dissuade you of this fact. Don’t let them! They are, after all, only ducks.

From Swiss Family Robinson

I love the Swiss Family Robinson.  It fulfills my fantasy of an off-the-grid, yet aesthetically pleasing lifestyle. I know I am in the minority on this b/c I am often alone exploring the tree.  It does offer a solid, unmoving perch to give the castle a good gander.

From the Astro-Orbiter

The Astro-Orbiter at Disney World sits on high, unlike at Disneyland where it is more neighborhood-fair style.  From this high vantage point you get a wonderful view of the castle. And, if you catch it during extra magic hours you can get on it tout-suite.

From Splash Mountain & From Thunder Mountain Railroad

I love night time on both fast rides, particularly during fireworks.  There is almost no better surprise shot of the castle than these.  The castle is light up, jewel-like, and then you are hoped up on adrenaline.  Smashing combo!  Though given the speed of this view, I got no pictures.  I’m just not that good.

From Dumbo the Flying Elephant

There are two Dumbos that run concurrently.  The one for the fast pass is further away from the castle.  If you are hoping to get an unobstructed view, take the standby line.

From the People Mover

There is a nice view from the Astroorbiter.  Unlike the other rides above, you can sort of meditate on the castle as the ride is so chill.  And, even in the dead of winter, surrounded my 100,000 of your closest friends, you can sometimes take the People Mover twice in a row just so you can get the ideal photographs.

From the Polynesian Beach

I love seeing the castle over the water.  You can see it from the TTC.  You can also get this vantage point on the boat launch towards the Grand Floridian (continuing to the Polynesian.  But there is something insanely relaxing about having your feet in the sand watching the boats while gobbling down a dole whip float.

From the Magical Express

The biggest surprise for my daughters was the moment they could see the castle as we drove into the park. There is something surreal about it being there, as if sasquatch has been seen to be real.  We have arrived in the morning, at night, in the afternoon, and each time I gasp. And, even with the line of cars, and then street lights, it still feels magical.  The castle is like a beacon, calling you to a magical adventure.

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