Cactus Bookmarks


The Story

Do you remember the time when every pin was cupcakes? There were mini-cupcakes, cupcake tattoos, cupcake stationary.  And, then, as a collective, we exhausted of it. First, the cool kids moved on to pies, then pop tarts, and then donuts.  Eventually, everyone caught on.  This is the anatomy of every trend, first a few, then so many, and finally, complete amnesia.

Right now, we are in a fever of cactus, piercing our consciousness (couldn’t help the pun).  I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t know what will dethrone them.  But, I would guess their time will soon leave.  I say this because my young daughters have been really into cacti decor, pointing out items from Ikea and Target.  This is usually the beginning of the end.

Cool kids are already looking for something new. You think I am kidding?  I remember once, years ago, my oldest daughter, walked into the workshop of a balloon artist. Yes, you read that phrase correctly.  She was all big brown eyes and braids.  Irresistibly cute, I have it on good authority.  The artist expressionlessly nodded at my daughter who responded with the most cheerful expression of commonality, “Your mustachio is the same as the ones on my dress.” In that expression, the tall, handle-barred man deflated ever so slightly.  My daughter, luckily, didn’t catch the zeitgeist of the exchange.  Instead, she hopped out of the room, balloon sculpture in hand, proud of her connection to the artist.

As I made these cactus bookmark gifts for my daughters, I thought about how I might be poking to coolness of cacti, ever so slowly deflating their hold on our aesthetic consciousness. But, of course, that means something else will be around the corner.  I am hoping for staghorn ferns, but don’t listen to me.  I am always just behind trend :>

The Dog

I warn you.  These bookmarks are tempting to dogs. I mean, like, go bonkers crazy. I had made three of these babies.  I put them down on the coffee table, exhilarated with the idea of the girls and I using matching bookmarks as we read around the fire.  I left, still luxuriating in my fantasy. When I returned, there were but two, and one was soggy to boot. Take this warning seriously, I implore you.

The Directions

This is a very simple project.  Start by cutting 3 pieces of dark green or yellow embroidery floss into 14 inch pieces.

Using a large upholstery needle, pierce the felt ball in the center with with the embroidery floss.  Leave a long tail, about eight inches, and then loop the embroidery floss over the ball. Pull the string through the center, and then back over the ball.  Now you have two loops over the ball.  Pull the long strings and tie the strings together with a knot at the bottom of the cactus.


Repeat this for the next two pieces of floss.

Once finished, sew small loops of pink floss at the top of the cactus.  Trim each loop to create a flower.

Finally, braid the long green strings.  Eh, voila, bookmark made.

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