Gingerbread by Oyeyemi and Food Stories that Aren’t About Food

Helen Oyeyemi’s Gingerbread has┬áthe literary strengths of Boy, Snow, Bird, but the madcap, quirky, otherworldliness of Terry Pratchett. In the story, a young British girl, Perdita, make amazing, awesome gingerbread and they might not be of this world. This book is much anticipated. Oyeyemi is a PEN open book award winner. And, the book holds…

Bookish Hellions-Chapter 1

I’m starting a new mystery series, available on Wattpad, about librarians roller derby athletes. As if these women aren’t busy enough, they find themselves in the midst of murder case. Rather than lose their team, they pitch in to help solve the murder. What’s more kick-ass than solving a crime? Chapter 1