Easy Statement Banners

Felt text banners are an easy way to make an inspiration wall hanging that will keep the ideas that matter to you on your wall. In 5 steps, you can make your own felt banner.

1. Start with Your Idea

Find a few words that you want keep in mind.  If you do this well, you will have it posted prominently.  What words would you want to have around for a while?

2. Choose a Look

I enjoy a mix of cursive and script, serif and sans serif.  But, look around for your ideal aesthetic.  Quick buzz through #handlettering on Instagram should give you a few thousand ideas.

3. Write your design on Paper

I happen to love cutting paper and fabric freehand, but this can be overwhelming for many people.  A easy cheat is to use a paper template.  You can print out your design or draw it on paper.  If you go with the latter, use a brush pen or a thick sharpie, so your lines are fairly thick.

4. Cut

While this step might seem self-explanatory, this is the make or break one.  Pin your drawing to your paper and then cut.  First, commit to each snip.  If you hesitate, you will have scraggy lines.  Second, err on the side of making it slightly wider than you might need.  You can always trip the letters, but you can’t uncut the felt.

5. Layout Your Text

Use sturdy felt for the backdrop.  You can even use industrial felt as I have.  Once you are happy with your look, glue in place with fabric glue or hot glue.


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