Father’s Day Present : Modern Design Inspired Ties

The Story

Father’s Day is always a hard one. My husband and my dad want experiences (go out to dinner, enjoy an afternoon together) and my children want to make gifts. So, I find myself trying to blend each of these group’s desires.  Isn’t it always like that as a mom?

This year, I went with functional presents, and as always, they had to be homemade. Along with our sunglasses case, we also decorated ties. I wanted then to be inspired by something in our lives, so we decided to look to our travels–an ideal source of inspiration.  Our recent trip to Columbus Indiana had reignited my interest in the American textile designer Alexander Girard.

Girard might not be a household name, but his work for the modern furniture firm, Herman Miller, made his aesthetic famous. He used bright colors and simple forms to create an unmistakable joy.  But, rather than being a slave to function, Girard was also very focused on function.  He famously said, “Art is only art if it is synonymous with living.”

The Process

Start with a plain white tie, like the ones gawky teenage boys buy to match their date’s dress at prom. Use fabric markers to create your pattern. Voila! We drew directly on the ties, but you can preplan your designs on paper.  We decided to be intrepid; or we were impatient. You decide :>

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