Feel the Magic : Mickey Ears Key Chain

Mickey Ears Key Chain

The Story

There are days when you have so many errands, so much cleaning, so many responsibilities…just typing this is bringing my stress level up.  We all have times when life feels out of balance.  For me, traveling is when my life starts feeling more in balance, with engagement and joy coming into my soul while the stress stays out.

We went to Disney World during the holidays.  For some people, being at Disney during peak visitation would be stressful.  I, on the other hand, revel in crowds.  I love big numbers, I can not lie.  (In full disclosure, I also plan all vacations to the minute, with at least 2 options at most choice-points.  I am one of those type A slackers. Good at being on and good at being off.)  We left Disney so recharged and happy.  I knew that I was coming home to a whole new job, and I was recharged and ready.

Now, a few months and snowstorms later, I am feeling a little frayed by life and stress.  This is the moment where I call up happy memories.  Disney was an ideal place to call up in my mind.  And, what is more iconic than the ears.  So, I grabbed a few felt balls, as I have so many, and got to crafting.  Now, when I reach for my keys, even if the stress of being late is biting at my heels, I have a moment of respite.

The Directions

You will need hot glue, a large felt ball, a small felt ball, wire, and a key chain fob.

Form the shape of mickeys head so that the diameters match those of the ball.  Cut the small ball in half with a razor blade.

Glue the balls to the form.

Leave it over night.

Add the key chain ring.

Drive away!

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