Gnome Bowling

bowling with elves


Every family has a holiday tradition. Ours it turns out is to travel for hours across the state to then find ourselves spending most of the holidays in our hotel room. How we have come to this tradition is a tale that isn’t worth telling. But, what has come of this tradition are things like this set of gnome bowling pins. They are a testament to the type of creativity of a mother desperate to make her kids feel special and occupied. There are holidays where I have bemoaned my lack of foresight to not learn to juggle knives.

toilet paper elves

elf bowling


Acquire 10 toilet paper rolls. Use colored tape to create details like the garments. Use cardstock to make little hats. Finish with some eyes. Ball up all the extra pieces of tape to make the ball.

elf bowling


I used some terrible, terrible tape. It comes in lovely colors. Colors that fool you into clicking “buy.” Colors that make you think it is okay that this tape isn’t all that sticky. Colors that make you think it will be alright to buy a brand that you have never heard of. And, then the Amazon box comes. Reality hits. This tape is only a modicum stickier than paper. Alas. Doesn’t use that.

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