Keeping Beauty at Hand: Sashiko Embroidery Egg Covers


Sashiko Embroidery Egg Cups

The Story

I am flighty.  I get interested in something, do it until I master it well enough, and then I move on.  I can do a lot of things, sort of okay. This year, I decided that it was okay that I was a dilettante. You would be amazed how much better you feel when you give yourself permission to be yourself.

That said, another decision I made was that I was only going to make crafts that were actually going to be part of my life.  In a previous career, I crafted professionally, making samples for classes I taught. As such, I had all sorts of stuff lying around that I only sort of liked. Now, I would make things that fell squarely in my lovely life or made my life more lovely.

This is how we get to these egg cup covers.  You might think I came up with these without need.  You would be wrong. My daughters and I, much to my husband’s chagrin, are members of the wobbly egg cult. (My husband is of the rubbery, yucky club sponsored by salmonella prevention.)We love soft boiled, poached, and sunny side up.  We have been trying to get the perfect soft boiled egg for ages now.

Recently I came across a note in an old cookbook that soft boiled eggs can be kept cozy if precooked with a little cover.  And, I thought, well, what a perfect way to enliven the experience of eating a less than perfect soft boiled egg.  Sure, I could instead of learned to perfect the soft boiled egg, but that mission was not going so well.  So, instead, I thought I would engage in a little visual marketing.  After all,  good design makes up for a whole lot.


Sashiko Egg Cups

The Process

This is one of those projects that would be easier if I knew what I was doing.  But, in having to figure it out myself, I learned a lot about me. I had always assumed I knew how to cut a pattern, but it turns out, I don’t.  So, the first time I cut the fabric too small.

Then I decided to make a paper pattern.  I used a fake plastic egg as a guide.  Pull the paper over the egg to see how much allowance you need.

Cut one piece of felt in the shape of the pattern on piece of colored/ patterned cotton.

Using embroidery floss sew an pattern.  Sashiko is the Japanese art of embroidery.  It requires making one long stitch.  you will notice that not all my cross or patterns overlap. This was due to my novice hand.  But, I figured that I was in that case embracing wabi sabi, the Japanese appreciation for imperfection.

Once the embroidery is done, line up the front and back with the right sides facing.  Sew the edges using a running stitch.  You could use a machine, but why pull it out?

Turn it inside out.  Hide a poorly cooked soft boiled egg or as I like to call them a lovely almost hard-boiled egg.


Sashiko Egg Cups

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