5 Tips for an Family Visit to Quebec City

Quebec City is a romantic European-style city within a day’s drive of New York City. Good food, enjoyable shopping, and great museums make for a perfect family getaway. What do you need to know to do Quebec City right?

1. Walk the Old Town:

Mom & Dad: The old town is a historic Unesco site. It is immensely walkable. You can taste crepes, grab a cafe au lait, and climb the stone wall. We had beautiful weather on the summery days we were there, but the old town is equally charming in the winter. Plus, you can always duck in somewhere when you don’t want to be in the snow. (Other parts of the town are equally walkable: the Plains of Abraham and the Lower Town. In the end, we had more than 15,000 steps each day we were there.)

The Girls: Walking through the Old Town and the Lower Town is great, because there are so many shops to wander through. You can see sculptures, gems, and cloths.

2. Don’t miss the changing of the guard.

Mom & Dad: The changing of the guard in Quebec City is the only one in North America. And, unlike the English one, this one has a goat. We ended up getting there a little early, which was important. The seats are only for the elderly and disabled.

The Girls: This took longer than we expected, and you couldn’t pet the goat, but it was cool. The music was good!

3. Explore the Religous spaces.

Mom & Dad: My family is Catholic, so we ended up going to mass in a wonderful historic structure. That said, most churches allow visitors during certain hours. That said, if you are there during mass, make sure not to take pictures.

The Girls: We didn’t understand the mass but we liked looking around the church. And, we lit a candle.

4. EAT!

Mom & Dad: At some point, we will write a post about food. But, let’s say we were very full. Highlights included fondue, the cheese counter at JA Moisan, cheese pastries at a bakery, and some regional cheese at the farmer’s market. We did enjoy plenty more than cheese, but that was definitely a highlight.

The Girls: CHEESE!

5. Take a ride

Mom & Dad: The very first thing we did was take a carriage ride. We almost never do this when we see them, but I am so glad we did. The carriage driver was local and shared wonderful information. But, also, this was a charming way to understand the lay of the land quickly. After this, when we explored, we felt like we knew exactly what we were doing.

The Girls: This was fun because our horse, Savannah, loved us. We were the only ones to have a white carriage.


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