Sticking with It: Disney Pin Board

Disney Pin Board


The Story

I am of the garbage pail kids generation.  If you are younger, as you undoubtedly are, you had some other collecting craze.  Harken back to whatever craze you collected.  Remember the feeling of getting just the right item to fill out your collection.  Oh, the satisfaction–the victory.  And, then remember that moment, perhaps soon after your collecting prowess took you to great heights, you inevitably lose your prize.  It might have been lost in a library book, spirit away by a younger sister, or trader away in a bum deal.  Either way, the feeling of loss is equal and opposite to your victory.


At our house, our chief opponent of our girl’s collecting habits is Pixie.  She is a sweet labrador puppy.  We often believe she employs her cutest in order to get away with her accompanying desire for destruction.  Now, I should be careful.  As dogs go, she is a gentle soul.  She doesn’t chew furniture. She would never run out an open door without permission.  Her only vise is the children’s toys.  The more they love a Shopkin, the more she was to chew it into saliva-covered dust.

With this in mind, I decided we better find a way to corral our Disney pins.  These pins are collectibles from Disney, where kids can trade with cast members and other pin folks.  My daughters really got into this activity; it filled their love of aesthetics and competition.

Once we got home, I didn’t want these to go into Pixie’s craw.  (Think of the vet’s bills). I wanted something that fit within our aesthetic, which is more subtle than many of the Disney pin boards I found online.  This project was particularly easy, so the girls could help out.

Once finished your children, or you, have a lovely, dog-proof way to keep your pin collection safe :>

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The Project

You need cork contact paper, an exacto blade, a backboard (we used a plastic board), tissue paper, and some pins.

Start by trimming cork to be size of the back board.

Draw the castle form.  If you would like me to make mine a downloadable, leave a message.

Trim out the form from the center of the cork using a sharp blade.

Turn the cork over and peel of the back.  Be warned.  The sticky side is STICKY.

Place a piece of tissue paper to cover the hole.

Stick the cork to the board.

Add your pins.  And, voila, pins are safe from pests.

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