The Unicorn of the Sea: Narwhale Cupcake Toppers

Narwhale Cupcake Topper

The Story

We were in Saguenay, Quebec in August, one of the best times to go whale watching.  We were not disappointed.  We saw many species, fairly close up.  There were fin whales, blue whales, minkes galore.  It got to the point where a minke would pop up, and we would be bored.

It was in this nature a-plenty mood that we stopped at the shore near Saguenay, Quebec, called Les Escoumins.  We sat on the side of the shore, confident in our newly-gained knowledge of the marine world.  We hunkered down for a bit when the ranger said, “There’s a Narwhale.”

I am going to tell you the truth. I don’t know that I saw it. We might have also see a Narwhale.  All these months later, I am a little suspect.  Yes, there were said to be narwhales.  Yes, we were there at that time.  But, did we really see it? My daughter is convinced.  She is a truthful person, though prone to suggestion.  (I might suggest that the majority of people could be described that way.)

Unlike whales, the narwhales are often seen alone (so our guide told us).  They peek up and then disappear, so observations are fleeting. More often then not, the moment of observation is so short, you are unsure that you saw it before it is gone.  They are more memory than anything else.  Memory and myth.

The whole moment of the narwhale made me think about the way that I as a grown up shape my children’s memories. As a rational person, I want to manage my children’s world.  I want them to use conditional language, when conditional responses are required.  I believe in clauses, for everything can be seen as causal.  But, what’s wrong with me?  I mean, basically, my daughter saw the unicorn of the sea.  How many people can say that?  She has gotten to be part of a myth. And, who am I to stop her? Travel ignites wonder and lets us live in myth.  If her wonder and myth, includes a possibly seen narwhale, who she named Nora, so the better.

So, the narwhales are now part of our past.  To keep them, and the fact that we revel in wonder, in our present, I whipped up these cupcake toppers to light my dad’s birthday.

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The Project

You need femo, a tooth pick, a birthday candle, and a little practice.  I used three colors of femo (2 blues and a white), but you could get away with two, a dark one for the body and a light one for the horn.

Form the body first, like an oval, pinch off the tail, then the fins. This is a process best seen through pictures. My only verbal comment would be to make sure to preknead the femo before connecting the two blues.

When adding the horn, cover the front of the face with femo. It will look like this:

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Then cover that with more femo. You could use a plastic spoon to smooth it.

Add the wood stem/ toothpick.  This will stay during firing.

Place the birthday candle into the top.  Hold it up and make sure the candle stays.  This means the divet is deep enough. Remove candle.

Bake at 200 or by package directions.

Adorn cake, light candle and celebrate.

Narwhale cupcake topper

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