Seema Rao was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio where she continues to reside. She spent nearly 20 years working in museums at the interstices of education and technology. Now she serves as a consultant to institutions worldwide.

She started blogging about food in the dark ages of blogs at Feeding Maybelle, but I got out of that racket when we stopped eating. Kidding, when life got too nuts to stop to take pictures.  But, in those days, I was voted 50 best Mom bloggers a few years in a row by Babble.

She loves to draw, eat, and read. While she has published extensively about museums, including three self-published books, she has only recently found the courage to share her creative writing. When not writing, she enjoys hanging out with her husband, daughters, and insanely easy-going dog.

Active on social media, you can find her at:

Twitter: @seemaraowrite

Instagram: @_art_lust_

Wattpad: SeemaRao

Medium: @artlust

Goodreads: SeemaRao

Want to say hello?

email me at seemaraowrite @ gmail.com