Arrow-shaped Valentines


While my life is awfully pink and purple, naturally, living with two young girls, I find valentine’s a great time to explore how colors interplay. Pink can be obvious. But, what other colors can you put together that still feel valentine’s day? This is one of those exercises that is all subjective. Some people like understated pattern. Others, like me, who enjoy a bold pattern. Similarly, some people are willing to push the boundaries on a Valentine’s style look. Others not.

If you do this at home, I advocate starting a piece of paper. Cut a repetitive pattern into paper. Then try a few different colored backgrounds. Reflect on what you have. Then, add more layers. If you don’t feel good with color, I might suggest employing just a few colors: say, warm colors, like pinks, oranges, and purples.

I turned my pattern into simple heart-shaped arrows for a cute valentine’s day card.


Pattern is a very satisfying visual element, but requires understanding balance and harmony. Shapes, weights, and colors all have to work.

Pattern can be made using all sorts of materials, but paper and scissors are very accessible. Additionally, paper can be an easy way to have uniform, concentrated colors.

This is a simple project. For young kids, you could even cut the repeat patterns based on their sketches, or invite them to create patterns completely based on collaged pieces.

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