Minimalist Valentines

Recently, my daughter was sharing, with obvious disgust, that all of her friends gave out store-bought valentines. I had to break it to her that I, too, always had store-bought valentines.

I have vivid memories of trooping to K-Mart with my dad, long after most kids were tucked away in bed, rummaging through the shelves late in the evening on the 13th.  I would sit in the aisle attempting to calculate the comparative social capital  of Alf vs. A-Team valentines as muttering husbands surveyed the meager candy stores. I still feel nostalgic when I see those small perforated-edge commercial cards returning in the girls valentine bags.

But, as with all things parenting, don’t start something that you should ever want to stop.  Make a homemade cake once and you will be making them for birthdays as long as your hands can mix.  Homemade valentines started so innocently with a single click of  Pin. Oh, Pinterest, whatever did I do before you? We have definitely spent weekends crafting the ideal cards. Spent car-rides crafting the best puns. You Make My Heart Pop (with popcorn or poprocks depending on the year). You make my heart soar ( with paper airplanes). You make my heart skip a beat (with a slinky). My heart blooms thinking of you (diy paper embedded with seeds).

This year, however, we have been busy with all the things that big kids and bigger families do.  So, we needed to craft valentines in the short break between this class and that homework.  At which point, we decided to capitalize on strong design principals.  Black and white with a pop of color.  The result were these simple minimalist valentines.


Minimalist Valentines

The process is a breeze.  Start with precut paper.  I used sheets from an old sketchbook, but white square notebook paper would work.

Using a brush pen letter in a simple repeated pattern.  X O does appeal to me, obviously.  But you could have done hearts. Or Swiss crosses.

Grab some vintage fabric or colored paper.  Keep to a unified color
family.  Hand cut or punch hearts.

Sew your hearts onto the paper. My girls found it easier to stitch straight down the middle.  I enjoyed sewing the heart on applique style. Gave me a chance to improve my skills sewing curves.

An, voila, 62 valentines made in 30 minutes.



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