Newbery Awards : How to Read Them All

The Newbery Awards have been given out annually since 1922. Along with medalist, often the Newbery committee nominates a number of honor books. Up to 2017, 409 books have received Newbery Honors. That’s a whole lot of books, like more than 1 a day amount of books. So, when we as a family set our sights on reading all of them, we thought we better get a plan together.

We came up with a three-year plan to help us get through them. My children are strong readers, as am I :>, but they also have many draws on their time. So, we are not planning to plow through them too quickly. We have decided to try to do a couple a week. Now, this might seem insane to fold in a couple books a week into our busy schedules. We began by doing all the books that are below grade level (for us 6 grade reading level and 3/5 grade interest level). We have checked out a couple copies and passed them around. Also, when doing errands we listen to one as an audiobook. 5 Weeks into the challenge and we have easily gotten through 11 Newbery books. Also, we had already read quite a number, so we only have about 300 books to complete. At this pace, it would take you 4 years or so if you are starting fresh.

Here is a checklist. Also, you can download Newbery by year or by Newbery by Grade Level

We will be doing videos of our favorites so check back at our Youtube channel or subscribe.

Here is a handy cheatsheet for the grade level as well:

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