Paper Poppers

Art Play Space

I love mischief. Tricks, jokes, and hilarity are deeply embedded in my soul. But, I work in a serious place. I invite my children to mature and to become more serious. I had imagined myself to be one of those parents (extolled in paper toweling commercials) that makes messes with abandon. But, it turns out I am just like most moms–averse to mischief. Most of the art we make at home is static. Sure there have been mobiles, but these were consciously explorations of Alexander Calder. There were wind chimes, but we were thinking about the forces of weather. But, just play for plays sake, is something I need to remind myself to execute. These poppers just, well, pop. They jump in a humorous way. I promise.

Art Play Space
Start with your paperclip. Open it up to be a sort of “Y.” You will need to play around a bit. Attach something decorative to the long bit. Put the short bit down on the table. And, then give it a little push with your thumb.

This is one of those projects that can’t be easily explained in text. Hopefully the pictures help. Mostly, this is best tried through experimentation. You might need to accept some paperclip casualties. But, they died for the cause of joy and laughter. (That and the fact that you can tell your kids that they make your heart leap.)

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